What is sane

SANE literally means “reasonable or sensible“. For us, a SANE product must be healthy for the planet and the people.

SANE certification guarantees the highest level of sustainability throughout the making of an article, from the fiber to the sewing of the last button.
With a logo stating this responsible way of production, SANE makes your brand’s values visible to the world and enables consumers to wear them with pride.


SANE STANDARD takes a holistic approach to sustainability. We are looking into the environmental impact, the social impact, and the overall impact on consumer safety over the span of the product’s life cycle.

Certified products must fulfill the SANE requirements in all areas covered. We don’t think it is sane to protect humans while the planet is at risk or the other way around.

Our certification requirements include the use of APPROVED MATERIALS and other prerequisites concerning the

  • Environmental footprint of the processing stages
  • Chemical content of final products
  • Working conditions
  • Worker’s payment


Steps to follow to get a product certified

  • Step 1


    Fill in our free ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE to check if your product is eligible. Alternatively, contact SANE at info[at]sane-standard.com in case of doubt.

  • Step 2


    Fill in the CERTIFICATION REQUEST. SANE will send you our list of authorized third-party certifiers. The auditors will propose an audit plan.

  • Step 3

    third-party AUDIT

    Set up the audit with an authorized certifier. The audit can be on-site, virtual, or assessed by documentation depending on the product and facilities’ specificities.

  • Step 4


    Once the production unit is certified, products’ details and composition must be validated by SANE through its online platform and the Certification Hangtag fees shall be settled for a product to be fully certified.

LOGO use

SANE has the power to make your brand values visible through our Certification Hangtag and our iconic logo displayed on the outside of certified products.

We offer 3 levels of visibility – that way you are free to choose how discreet or bold you want to be.