Sane Community

SANE is more than a certification:
It is a community of fashion consumers, brand owners, and textile workers sharing the same vision.

SANE community brings people together to build a better fashion for tomorrow. It is a place of inspiration, empowerment, initiatives, and experience.


  • Koya

    I would like to see more sustainable suiting in the future.

  • Francesca
    jewelry designer

    I am hoping there will be more emphasis on quality and clothes which are made to last and not fall apart after one season.

  • Elsa
    innovation leader

    I am aware about the damages of fashion on our environment and on workers. But it is still hard to find sustainable alternatives. I would love to be informed so I can make sustainable choices with no doubt.

  • Richard
    world adventurer

    Of course what I wear is very important for me and I like fashion a lot. I wish fashion could be as beautiful from the inside as from the outside.

  • Jordane
    Fashion consultant & Documentarian

    The fashion industry is a microcosm of the ecological and social challenges facing humanity. Rather than dwelling on the problems we should focus on the designers pioneering real solutions.

  • Pauline
    consultant sust. fashion

    I choose my clothes for their style, but also for the values they represent. I wish fashion would become more respectful of people and the planet. Sustainable fashion shouldn't be only a trend but should become the new standard.

  • Karolina
    passionate traveler

    Fashion was and is my love, so I want it to be fair, honest, humane and stylish of course. And I hope most people share my thoughts. For a sane fashion world!

  • Lukas
    humanitarian worker

    I really care about my looks but I also care a lot about people's lives and how people are treated in their work. I find it terrible to think that anyone can suffer due to something I am wearing.

  • Anita
    ex-compulsive shopper

    I used to be a compulsive buyer and mostly of fast fashion clothes. I stopped all a few years ago realizing that we need to change very fast otherwise our kids won't have anything left from our planet.

  • Lidia

    I know a lot of the larger companies are doing more for the environment now. It's still not enough. I find it shocking the ignorance that we have, although so much is out there.

  • Elijah
    Montessori teacher

    I love fashion and go shopping very often. I don’t want anyone to be hurt because of my clothes so I really hope to see more sustainable options at a reasonable price in the future.

  • Pablo
    customer experience designer

    Fashion has always been inspiring people. Now it is the time when fashion should inspire us all to design a healthier world for tomorrow.

  • Sara
    waste manager

    I started to explore slow fashion when I realized the damage caused by fashion on the environment. I love to re-use and to repair, but I would like to be more informed about the clothes I buy, just as I am about food.

  • Laure
    marketing manager

    I love fashion with a marked taste for dresses! I am aware that my textile consumption has an impact but so far there were too few labels to help me choose brands with a responsible and sustainable production.

  • Kim
    community manager

    I've been a fashion victim since I was a teenager because society screams "you need to be fashionable and have 500 outfits!". I wish people were aware of what is behind the item they buy.


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