About us

Providing a better future for the next generations while promoting the beauty of fashion.

We are aware of the challenges that our planet and society are facing and the implication of the fashion industry*. We are also unsatisfied consumers with a clear understanding of the expectations of the new generations. This is why we founded SANE.

With a team composed of experts in textile engineering, supply chain management, accreditation system design, chemistry engineering, fashion design, finance and marketing/ PR, our organization aims to restore the prestige of fashion by ensuring that its beauty also lies within the making.
Our objective is to make these intrinsically beautiful products visible and therefore easily available for conscious fashion lovers.

SANE STANDARD is the result of 5 years of research accompanied by the consultation of hundreds of stakeholders of the industry. SANE STANDARD will be reviewed on a regular basis to always meet the highest achievable level of sustainability.

The SANE head office is located in the center of Berlin, Germany, 80m away from the former wall. Like its home town nowadays, SANE is universal, dynamic, avant-garde, disruptive, and uncompromising.

*to know more about what’s wrong with the fashion industry click here

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