Approved Material List 

The SANE Approved Material List has been elaborated by sustainability experts throughout 5 years of research on the measured environmental impact of fibers and materials most commonly used in the fashion industry. It takes into account prevailing benchmarks and scientific studies, industry recognition, availability, and scalability of each material as well as credible certifications and laboratory testing when relevant.

Our SANE Approved Material List is designed to evolve together with the market sustainability standards and to be submitted to multi-stakeholders periodic reviews.

Benchmark of reference: Kompass Nachhaltigkeit; Siegelklarheit; Textile Exchange. Preferred Fibers Market Reports 2013 to 2021 and Portfolio Options; Made-By. 2018. Environmental Benchmark for fibres; Higg Index MS

Studies of reference: Rex, D., Okcabol, S. and Roos, S., RISE, 2019. Possible sustainable fibers on the market and their technical properties. “Fiber Bible” part 1 Report., Stockholm, Sweden; Sandin, G., Roos, S. & Johansson, M., 2018. Environmental impact of textile fibers – what we know and what we don’t know. “Fiber Bible” part 2. D2.1.2.1 Report., Stockholm, Sweden; Laitala, K., Grimstad Klepp, I., Henry, B., 2018. Does Use Matter? Comparison of Environmental Impacts of Clothing Based on Fiber Type; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2010. The role and business case for existing and emerging fibres in sustainable clothing, London, UK