Cashmere – Responsible or Recycled

As mentioned in the related section about cashmere, this beautiful and soft material can cause significant harm to the environment if cashmere goat farming is not managed correctly.  

The excellent news for cashmere lovers is that a few sustainable options address these environmental problems. 

A good option is to use recycled cashmere instead of virgin cashmere. This reduces waste, avoids extra grazing of goats, and saves huge amounts of energy and water.  

Recycled cashmere can be made of pre or post-consumer wastes  

Alternatively, some cashmere is produced in a sustainable way, respecting animal welfare, taking into account the environment and biodiversity protection as well as farmer wellbeing.    

Responsible and Recycled Cashmere belongs to SANE Approved Material ListSANE recognized GRS for Recycled Cashmere production and is currently reassessing recognized certifications for Responsible Cashmere. For Responsible or Recycled Cashmere not previously certified, the material production will need to be certified SANE by a SANE-accredited certifier.  

A product made of at least 90% Responsible or Recycled Cashmere (or blended with other SANE Approved Material) and produced in a facility holding a SANE Scope Certificate is eligible to be certified SANE. 

Copy partner: Sustain Your Style; Picture: sentientmedia 
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