Chemicals used by the fashion industry

Chemicals are one of the main components of our clothes. It takes approximately 1kg of chemicals to produce 1 kg of textile, even when it is labeled 100% natural fiber. Chemicals are used during fiber production (insecticides, pesticides, fertilizer), dyeing, bleaching, and wet processing of each of our garments.

The heavy use of chemicals in cotton farming is causing diseases and premature death among cotton farmers, along with massive freshwater and ocean water pollution and soil degradation.

Some of these substances are harmful to the workers, the environment, and to the end consumer. 

Additionally, the production of chemicals itself is very energy-intensive, and most of the substances come from petrol. 

It is crucial to control and limit the use of chemicals in the fashion industry. This is why it is a key element of SANE requirements. 

Copy partner: Sustain Your Style; Picture: Markus Spiske
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